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Many of us are still searching for better ways to honor ourselves, be more grounded in our daily self care practice, engage in a mindfulness practice that helps us unplug/turn down and captivate all of the ways that healing can be a priority in our lives.

Most importantly many of us are still searching for ways to tap into feeling more relaxed, less burnout and self discovery of our inner passions in life. 


I can help you discover PRECISELY what you need right now to eliminate Doubt, Fear, and Overwhelm so you can finally have the confidence to achieve your wellness goals.

Book your FREE Power Session and start to discovery


Does any of this sound like you?


  • You started a self care plan, but haven’t been consistent and you aren’t attracting results that you want.

  • You’ve invested in numerous wellness programs and “Do It Yourself” courses, but you’re unclear about what to focus on right now in your journey.

  • You feel overwhelmed and stuck although you’re a go-getter and wish you had a trusted coach or cheerleader in your corner to help guide you on what to do.

  • If you’re ready to get the tools, strategies, support, and accountability you need to get started or to the next level, you’re in the right place.

  • I offer several levels of support and mentorship for BIPOC women searching for self-love and wellness. The programs are designed to help you become a Confident, fully embodied in your wellness and living life as your best self. I teach you how and assist you with establishing systems & strategies for achieving consistent results.

















Tap into your Solidago Wellness Journey 


The Solidago Wellness journey is a 90-day program of a (w) holistic approach to your health and wellness using yoga, mindfulness, thai body massage, creative arts therapy and biweekly wellness sessions. We talk about your goals and everyday strengths from our Crown Chakra daily lifestyle assessment and use this assessment to create an individualized plan for your self love/wellness journey. 


This offering includes: 


  • A Wellness plan for healthy living

  • Biweekly wellness sessions

  • 6 individual Yoga sessions

  • 4 Thai Body Massages 

  • Herbal teas/tinctures for everyday wellness 

  • Weekly check ins

  • All access pass to our Bodyverse Membership site



Stress Management Toolkit 

Creative Visioning session 


You will leave these powerful sessions with:

  • Clarity on what you need and want from your self love-wellness journey

  • A deep understanding of the specific challenges that are keeping you overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck

  • Recommended next steps that will help you regain control of your time & results

  • Revitalized strength and confidence to be more self-assured in starting a new health and wellness lifestyle

Book your FREE Power Session and start your journey today!

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The Stars


Samantha A.

"Black owned, holistic mindset, healing hands and great energy!

Queenlin is magical" 

Brandon P.

“Great service. I've been struggling with back pain from a work accident I had in 2019. She was professional, understanding and made sure I was comfortable the entire massage. I feel amazing. Already booked my appointment for next month

Katherine S.

We are continously blessed

by your work.

Thank you!

Stephanie C.

The Solidago Wellness Journey was right on time. I absolutely

needed these 

self care reminders.

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The Stars
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Jessica G.

I have practiced yoga for 4 years now and I love sharing this practice with anyone that is willing. Stumbling upon Queen Lin’s class has been a true universal gift to me. Her energy, acceptance, and openness is what I love most about the classes. My first class with her, I was moved to tears. The affirmations, the movements, all of the class components called to me. Doing these classes with her have helped me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you, Queen Lin!!


If you are ready to get on this life transformation and a path to self love and ultimate wellness, let's talk. 

Please sign up for your POWER session only if you’re serious and you know you’re ready to do the work necessary to grow in your self love and wellness journey.


Once you sign up, you will be directed to my scheduling system to select a date & time that’s convenient for you.

I can’t wait to speak with you!


Apply for your FREE Power session today! 


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