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Brown Skin Girl Yoga

Hey sis!

I want to celebrate you. 


I want to affirm all that you are…


Your Strength, Your Power, Your Leadership and Your Love


The history that was erased, our present that is oooo sooo a gift and our names and voices of all our black and brown womxn of the future.  

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Brown Skin Girl Yoga class was birthed from a community of black and brown women who acknowledged their love for an Integrative Yoga Practice. In this community, many of these participants expressed the need to feel safe and seen within the space that they practice and feeling the importance of being affirmed in their faily life experiences. Using Yoga for self-care as well as Soulcare practice and using this tool to help coping with the everyday race based stressors that arrive in the current world we are living in. 


Brown Skin Girl is a beginner level class that can be attended by all girls and womyn of color. We asked that if you do not identify as a womyn of color or person of color that you please share with a woman of color in your community or donate funding for those that may not have the means to attend classes due to current financial burdens.  You may donate here 


In this class we practice an integrative Yoga practice including Kemetic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Meditation. Depending on our theme of the day we may also include affirmations, community building, movement therapy, journaling, Black Joy Music playlist and more....

This class will help you: 

  • Engage in a gentle morning stretch/workout

  • Find balance and sense of centering 

  • Groundness into your personal truths in life

  • Invest time for your inner wellbeing and overall self care practice 

  • Gaining peace of mind, body and spirit

  • Learn a relaxation practice using deep breathing and meditation

  • Build community with women of color

  • Affirm BIPOC women in their stories, told and untold throughout the history of time 


"I have practiced yoga for 4 years now and I love sharing this practice with anyone that is willing. Stumbling upon Queen Lin’s class has been a true universal gift to me. Her energy, acceptance, and openness is what I love most about the classes. My first class with her, I was moved to tears. The affirmations, the movements, all of the class components called to me. Doing these classes with her have helped me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you, Queen Lin!!" 

- Jessica G.

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